• swirl Interactive introduction to R so you can learn R, using R.
  • tidyverse Core package to load packages dedicated to working with tidy data frames.



Twitter is a great resource for getting help in R. You can browse the #rstats hashtag to see what’s going on.

These accounts are great to follow to see what’s going on in R

  • @RLangTip tweets out useful tips and tricks to use R
  • @dataandme aka Mara Averick often tweets out links to useful tutorials in R
  • @juliasilge data scientist at StackOverflow
  • @_inundata aka Karthik Ram, a data scientist at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science
  • @JennyBryan currently works at RStudio and very concerned with usability
  • @hadleywickham creator of the tidyverse and cheif data scientist at RStudio

For Windows UseRs

Upgrading R on Windows can sometimes be frustrating. The intstallr R package helps with this process.

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