Again, because this is a four hour workshop, we ask that you come prepared with a laptop that has the most recent versions of R and RStudio installed, and our workshop materials downloaded to your Desktop. We cannot provide service for installation the day of the workshop. Those who are not prepared for the workshop may be asked to give up their seat to those on the waitlist.


Even if you already have R installed on your system, you really should make sure its up to date. This ensures that there are no problems due to outdated software. For more details about installing R, RStudio, and keeping everything up to date, UBC’s STAT545 page is an excellent resource.


Once you have installed R, we should verify that you have the correct version.

  1. Open R (or RStudio) on your computer
  2. Enter the following in the R console after the >

    R.version.string == "R version 3.5.3 (2019-03-11)"
  3. Make sure the result is [1] TRUE
    (If the result is [1] FALSE, please quit R and try the installation again)

Workshop Materials

Our workshop materials is a zip file that contains a folder called IntroR_2019-master/ with the folowing structure:

├── IntroR_2019.Rproj
├── Makefile
├── Part1-Introduction.R
├── Part2-Analysis.R
├── Part3-Visualization.R
├── data/
│   ├── fungicide_dat.csv
│   └──
└── docs/
    └── ...

We are providing the R scripts for the workshop, so that you can easily execute the code in these scripts to follow along.

Installing Packages

To install dplyr and ggplot2 to your system, open R and type:

install.packages(c("dplyr", "ggplot2", "plotrix"), repos = "")

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.